About grayc glass

Courtney Gray, owner of gray c glass
Grayc, handmade glass art & custom glasswork, exists to enhance the design of any room or space. All of the pieces are created, designed, and signed by the artist courtney gray.

Courtney began her career in glass fusion while attending the University of California Davis. In 2001 she founded grayc and currently, she works from her home studio in Chico, California where she continues to develop her distinct style of vibrant colors and clean patterns.

Courtney believes that art & sculpture should not only make a statement, but also add to the distinct design of a room or space.

This belief has led her to create a variety of patterns and styles of glass art as well as designing custom projects.

Grayc glass is created by fusing pieces of colored glass together in a kiln. It is then melted over a mold to give the piece its shape. Courtney combines bold colors, various metals, and the use of fiber paper to create her distinct pieces.

Grayc glass art and custom work can be found in the interior design, residential, and retail communities throughout the United States.

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